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Analysis On Repair Of Blow Moulding Machine In Workshop
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Workshop Blow moulding Machine Repair staff in addition to the usual grasp of the situation, should be aggregated monthly "fault repair list" and repair records. After the calculation of the fault data, clean up, analysis, calculate all types of blow molding machine fault frequency, uniform fault distance period, analysis of a single blow molding machine fault dynamic and the main problem reason, find out the rules of the seizure, so as to highlight the key points to adopt countermeasures, the problem of information to clean up the analysis of the material to the programme To organize solutions to prevent patches or improvements, and to view the distance period, view content, and specifications as fixed.

According to the calculated material, can draw out the calculation analysis chart, such as a single blow molding machine fault dynamic calculation of the table is to repair the problems and other visual processing of the useful methods, both for handling personnel and repair workers timely grasp all types of blow molding machine seizure problems, but also in the determination of the repair strategy has a clear goal.

After the blow molding machine repair Worker's ordinary tour view and blow machine condition view, access to the status of information and fault Omen, as well as related records, analysis of materials, by the workshop blow machine repair or repair team leader for various types of blow molding machine of the existence of doubt, timely organization of ordinary repair, make full use of production space time or holiday, to prevent in the former, To manipulate and cut down on faulty seizures. For some of the problems of Omen, danger, usually repair the inability to bear, then the response to the programme part of the organization of the programme repair.