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Basic Characteristics Of Air Blow Moulding In Blow Moulding Equipment
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Basic characteristics of air blow moulding in blow moulding equipment

Hollow blow molding machine is in the closed mold using compressed air will be extruded or injected into the semi-melting

The state of the plastic parison blown, and then cooled to obtain a hollow workpiece processing method. Its forming process

Including the manufacture of plastic billet and blow molding of Parison.

Blow molding hollow containers are mainly used to make thin-walled plastic bottles, barrels and toys, such as plastic parts. It is suitable for hollow

Molded plastic for PE, PVC, PS, PP, PC and so on.

Used as hollow blow molding materials should have characteristics: resistance to environmental stress cracking, air tightness, impact resistance.