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Blow Molding Equipment Use
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The use of blow molding equipment, including plastic extruder, blow molding billet head, blow molding equipment, gas assembly, cooling assembly. Spindle system of high stiffness, high speed, large power, small inertia feed system, excellent function, super meticulous, Computer numerical control (CNC) system high speed, high performance, machine tool bed function unchanged, tool clamping system safe and reliable is the modern high-speed cutting machine tool's main feature building?? L8 ' 9-year night mold: With box-type cooling, the cavity behind the groove milling a slot, add seals, with the board cover small mold: cooling water channel, water cooling 2015-1-10 5 benefits: Suitable for not cut the continuous production of the shape of the twist blow molding, blowing neck-tail connected small containers, to no neck blow molding system Products can be loaded into the mold inside the billet cutter, more suitable for blowing the handle of the container, the handle itself blockade and the main body of the products are not mutually connected. The wire is projected to the arc-curved surface (procject), a helical Groove Conductor (guide) for obtaining space, a datum plane perpendicular to the conductor at that point at the end of the conductor, and a diameter (p4m circle) over the end of the wire at the datum surface; The circle is scanned along the wire (Sweptalongguide), The helical feature is obtained (1) The helical feature is twisted around the x-axis (Rotateaboutaline) 30 by the process transform.

In this design, the geometrical structure of the pet bottle and the blow molding process of the preform, the temperature control of the mold working department are analyzed, and then the structure of the hollow blow moulding equipment is put forward, and its working affairs are expounded.

Hollow blow molding equipment designed to give PVC transparent blow molding bottles all kinds of shapes, operating screen printing or modern printing technology to make polyvinyl chloride transparent blow molding bottles are more favored decorative colors, resulting in a large influx of the market. No secret mouth. To improve the competitiveness of products, it is necessary to minimize the thickness of the container wall.