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Blow Molding Machine Introduction
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Blow molding is the common method of manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products, the main products are tube film and hollow container. Blow molding machine can be warmed to the preform molding products, and then into the mold blow molding, this method is mainly used for high-speed and high production of pet bottles and Bopp bottle production, that is, two-step process;

Blow molding can also be combined with injection molding process into a pull-blow machine, which is also the production of pet containers commonly used methods;

Blow molding process can also be combined with extrusion process, extrusion blow molding equipment to adapt to a wider range of products can be produced more abundant, products including multi-layer composite film and various types of Polyolefin hollow containers, widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industry.