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Control Plan Design And Basic Principle Of Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The automatic air ring is an on-line real-time control system, and the system is controlled by several motors distributed on the wind ring. The cooling airflow sent by the fan is distributed to each duct after constant pressure of the wind ring wind chamber. The motor-driven valve for opening and closing movement to adjust the size of the tuyere and air volume, change the mold head out of the film billet cooling effect, and then control film thickness, from the control process, film thickness changes and motor control is not found between the clear contact, Not the same thickness of the film and the valve is not the same direction of thickness change and control of the process of non-linear irregular changes, each adjustment of a valve on the adjacent point is very large, and the adjustment has hysteresis, so that the time is not the same with each other, for such a high degree of nonlinearity, strong coupling, time-varying and control not to judge the qualitative system, Its accurate mathematical model can not be established, even if the establishment of mathematical models, but also very messy, difficult to solve, resulting in no practical value, and the traditional control of the control model more effective control, but for highly non-linear, not judged, messy response information control effect is very poor and even powerless. In view of this we have chosen the Blur control algorithm. It is very good to change the parameters of the system by using the method of altering the confused quantization factor.


Automatic wind ring planning selection of dual-outlet method, during which the inferiority of the volume of stability, the upwind circumference is divided into several wind ducts, each air duct by the fan chamber, Valve, motor and other components, by the motor-driven valve to adjust the opening of the air duct, control the size of each wind volume.

In the process of control, the thickness of the thin film is detected by the thick probe and transmitted to the computer the computer compares the thickness signal with the uniform thickness at that time, and the blow moulding machine operates according to the thickness error quantity and the curve change trend, and controls the motor drive valve to move, when the film is thick, the motor is moving, the tuyere is small; on the contrary, The motor reverse movement, the tuyere increases, through changes the wind ring circumference each point air volume size, adjusts each point cooling rate, causes the thin film transverse thickness error to control in the policy scale.