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Relationship Between Blowing Machine And Blow Moulding Machine
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Blowing machine, is the machine blowing bottles, the most obvious explanation is to be able to plastic particles or a good bottle embryo through a certain technological means blown into the bottle machine.

At present, most of the bottle blowing machine or two-step blowing machine, that is, the plastic raw materials must be made into a bottle embryo, and then the blow system. Now commonly used is the pet material environmental protection plastics.

Blow molding machine, is the liquid plastic spray out, the use of the wind blowing out of the machine, will be blown to a certain shape of the mold cavity, thus made products, this machine is called Blow plastic machine, is also a kind of blowing machine.

From the broad sense of the blow molding machine is also a blowing machine, blowing machine, including blow molding machine, hollow molding machine, injection blower and now used more than two-step blowing machine, etc.

Simply said is the machine, carefully said is the production of hollow containers of machinery, there are generally 2 kinds of pneumatic blowing machine and hydraulic blowing machine, pneumatic general production within 10L, and hydraulic pressure is generally more than 10L consideration, because of his high energy consumption.