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Temperature Control Of Plastic Bottle Of Blow Moulding Machine
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Using blow moulding machine to process plastic bottles this is a common processing project in plastic processing, so what is the focus of attention in this process? What I'm going to tell you is that temperature and temperature are essential to the processing of plastic bottles. In the operation of hollow blow molding machine for processing, must pay attention to some temperature control to ensure the production of suitable plastic bottles.

Non-flowing temperature: the maximum temperature at which no flow occurs at a certain pressure. is to add a certain amount of plastic to the upper end of the capillary rheometer die, heating to a certain temperature, constant restudying 10MIN, the application of 50MPA constant pressure, if the material does not flow out of the mouth mold, after unloading pressure will increase the temperature difficulty 10 degrees, insulation 10MIN after the same size of constant pressure, This continues until the melt flows out of the die, reducing this temperature by 10 degrees is the temperature of the material. Flow temperature TF: The temperature at which an amorphous polymer is converted from a high elastic state to a viscous state. is the lower limit of the amorphous plastic processing temperature.

Decomposition temperature TD: Refers to the polymer in a viscous state when the temperature is further elevated, it will cause the degradation of the molecular chain, rise to the polymer molecular chain degradation when the temperature is decomposition temperature. Melting Temperature TM: For crystalline polymers, the three-dimensional remote ordered state of macromolecular chain structure is converted to a disordered viscous state temperature, also known as the melting point. is the lower limit of the crystalline polymer forming process temperature. TG: The transition temperature of a amorphous polymer (including a crystalline part of a crystallized polymer) from a glassy state to a high elastic state or from the latter to the former.

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